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Key features of Mixed Reality.

Visualization of digital content

from 2D flat screens today to 3D projection in physical reality in order to get a real life experience.

Overlay on top of physical reality

to recognize physical objects and leave behind a digital marker/trace in the physical world.


projections by using voice commands to quickly react, gaze as a virtual cursor and hand gestures to navigate


of team members through remote access in order to share experiences around the table and analyze projections from all sides.

Mobile and Hands-Free

solutions to make the user interact and handle physical objects while analyzing digital data.

Spatial Understanding

to interpret the world and use it as the device’s canvas by utilizing real-time sensors.

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How we do business

We strongly believe in delivering value to our clients. Therefore, our proposed solutions are thoroughly discussed with our client. In that way, we can guarantee a successful outcome of the project.

1. Exploring

During a first meeting we analyze the client’s needs discussing design and development and setting out the workplan. Thus the client can choose to utilize our knowledge and plan consultant’s meetings, start developing his own AR solution or combine these services.


2. Prototyping

We used the latest development and design guidelines for each device. Every project is overlooked by our client. Our solutions are built inside the preference development program for the used AR smart glasses. In most cases this is the Unity3D software. When working on a solution we will purchase the correct devices for testing and development reasons.


3. Publishing

We support the client to publish the application by being available on the event or by giving MR trainings to colleagues. The delivery of the software depends on the application: a one time purchase for ready solutions or a leasing contract if the software needs maintenance.


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