The goal of this project is to develop a demo application to visualize data from the "Customer lifetime value report" from the Report Business Data Lineage Model in Mixed Reality using the Microsoft Hololens device.


  • MS Hololens Device
  • Slack Communication Channel
  • Unity3D and Visual Studio Software
  • C# programming language
  • 3D modelling / Animations
  • Mixed Reality UX/UI design

Research was conducted to find out how this new technology can enhance the current Collibra platform by adding Mixed Reality visualization and functionalities to present a new model to the client.

The target group of this research is the clients of Collibra. The demo was shown to the visitors of the Collibra Data Citizens Conference on 2 and 3 of May, 2017 in New York US. The goal: convince the clients to use this technology in their company within the next 5 years.


The project was created in 4 phases: concept, design, developing and user testing

Concept: The application will visualize the data from the Customer Lifetime value Report in MR using the Hololens. Different concepts were presented to optimize the visualization and make interaction possible. Design: Data visualization, properties of 3D models, interface and animations. The design was created using the brands guidelines and feedback from lead Collibra UX/UI designers. Development: The demo application was developed while conducting weekly meetings with members of Collibra. Testing: Every update of the application was tested by a member of Collibra before the demo day in New York.

Immersive visualization opens a world of possibilities for business users as it allows them to interact with the data in ways they never could before. And I believe that this is truly the future of data – especially data visualization.

Pieter De Leenheer Founder - VP, Research & Education at Collibra

The application was successfully demoed at the New York Collibra Conference. Testers of the application were confident that this technology has the potential to become a platform for Data Conferance. The current hardware, Microsoft Hololens, still has minor hardware issues which need to be resolved before this vision is possible.

Collibra Immersive visualisation blog post