My Philosophy

Mixed Reality revolutionizes visualizing and interacting with digital content. We strongly believe this platform will ultimately change displays to become human centered and wearable. Our solutions transform traditional work methods parallel with the current system and create new possibilities that were unimaginable before.

Main areas of expertise:

Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Creative Coding

Speaker and Workshops

Technical skills:

Web, App and Game Development

Unity3D, Adobe Creative Suite


My Story

Get to know why I decided to start Immerse and how I learn to develop for Mixed Reality.

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Chapter 1: Multimedia and Communication Technology

Enthusiastically I started studying Multec at the Erasmus University Brussels after doing Graphic Design in Secondary School. In the specification App and Web I learned to program web, android and iOS applications. But my interest lied in Game Development. I programmed android games in my free time on the Unity3D platform.

  • University Erasmus University Brussels.
  • Date Sept 27, 2013
  • Skills Design, Software dev, Unity3D, Android ,IOS

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Chapter 2: Erasmus in Copenhagen

I studied Digital Concept Development in Copenhagen, Denmark at the KEA University. My subjects covered online marketing, online research, SEO and more. Here I discovered Virtual Reality, back then the infancy google cardboard apps were the best experience. I started working on my own Virtual Reality game, a cliché zombie wave shooter.

  • University KEA Copenhagen
  • Date Aug 15, 2015
  • Skills Online marketing, SEO, Virtual Reality, Unity3D

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Chapter 3: Final Work

After seeing the first Microsoft Trailer of the MS Hololens, I was convinced I found my tool and goal. By working together with the Cronos IT group I finally got my hands on the HL on 17 October 2016, at the time only sold in the USA. So I started working on my paper: "How can the Hololens be used in business cases."

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Chapter 4: Collibra

While conducting research for my paper I met Pieter de Leenheer, VP of Collibra, who was looking for an AR/VR application and we decided to work on a Hololens solution together. I was invited to show the result on the yearly Collibra conference in New York, where I eventually presented the first HL application I developed.

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Chapter 5: MIT and Immerse

After the Collibra project I attended a summer course in ‘Advances in Imaging’, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, obviously elaborating my knowledge about AI, AR and Imaging. After this experience I started Immerse to create applications for smart glasses. My first assignment was a project for TVH, Waregem (Belgium) replacing traditional machine guides by a Mixed Reality application.

    University Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Date July 05, 2017
  • Skills Computer vision, AI, IOT, Entrepeneurship